Chalice Jackson aka Sharon Meroni (false witness bearer)

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Re: Chalice Jackson aka Sharon Meroni (false witness bearer)


Post by Orlylicious » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:10 am

Sharon's on a "community advisory board" of her local PBS station. They basically meet publicly six times a year. Looks pretty rigorous, it's an online form to fill out ... pplication :lol:

Wonder if they know of Chalice Jackson?

Sharon Meroni Re-elected to WTTW (PBS) Board
Written by Editor

At the April Board meeting, Defend the Vote’s Executive Director, Sharon Meroni, was re-elected to the WTTW’s Community Advisory Board. (CAB) First elected to the Board in April 2013, Ms. Meroni’s new term is for 3 years. In addition, Sharon Meroni was elected Chairman of the “Outreach Committee”. The Outreach Committee is a standing CAB committee responsible for encouraging and gathering feedback from the WTTW viewing community and forwarding that feedback to WTTW. In the Outreach Committee, Ms. Meroni anticipates the committee will reach out to the viewing community utilizing social media and other emerging technologies.

WTTW (PBS Chicago) is Channel 11, Chicago area’s popular public broadcasting channel. With a long history of successful programming, WTTW/WFMT remains ‘committed to creating and presenting unique content for television, radio, and digital media.’

Sharon Meroni, as Executive Director of Defend the Vote, feels that public programming is key to a healthy community. Stating, "WTTW/WFMT reaches into every precinct in Chicago and the surrounding areas. The Community Advisory Board is a diverse board which is genuinely enthused to reach out to the WTTW viewing communities to help assure WTTW programming continues to meet their needs and when appropriate, to tell their stories. I am appreciative for this opportunity to help direct this outreach as Chairman of the Outreach Committee and as a member of the Community Advisory Board."

Because who should believe her, checked the WTTW site and sure enough she's there. Although the site is strange, they have content marked 2015 and stuff, something's up. Scanned the minutes, they pay $5.6 million annually to PBS.

Lennette Meredith, Membership - Chairperson
Norma Sutton, Nominating - Chairperson
Barbara Cragan, Program Committee - Chairperson
Maggie Steinz, Educational Research & Development - Chairperson
Heather Penn, Communication & Technology - Chairperson
Christopher Vaughn, Cultural Research & Development - Chairperson
Sharon Meroni, Community Engagement - Chairperson ... rd/members

Guess the annual meeting is coming up, this was April 2017:

Chairman Meroni.JPG ... 182017.pdf

God Bless!
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