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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:40 pm 
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The rules here are simple:

1. All posts on the forum are the expressed opinions of those who submitted them. Interpret or heed them as you see fit.

2. Do not quote more than four (4) paragraphs from another source (in other words, anything you did not write yourself). Make it clear that you are quoting another source and give us a link to the source of the quote.

3. If you have complaints about copyright issues or any other material posted here, send me an email.

4. Do not make personal attacks or insults on other registered, participating members, or remarks of a blatantly offensive sexist, racist, or obscenely sexual nature. This board is private property; the First Amendment to the Constitution does not protect your free speech here.

5. You agreed not to spam us or you would not be a registered member. Spam includes:

  • Unwanted advertisements or any attempt to sell products or services.

  • Repeated posting of inappropriate, useless, discredited or false information or offensive graphics.

    Many birthers believe that it was illegal for an American citizen to travel to Pakistan in 1981, so President Obama, who did visit the country that year, must have used a foreign passport. This has been fully debunked dozens of times. Any American citizen could travel to Pakistan in 1981, but they could only stay 30 days without permission. Ronald Reagan himself toasted the president of Pakistan at a state dinner in his honor in 1982, praising our "strong ties of tourism". Pakistan was our ally in 1981.

    You can post that it was illegal for an American citizen to travel to Pakistan in 1981 ONCE. After our members post, yet again, the debunking links and evidence, you may not repeatedly ask what passport the President used to visit Pakistan.

6. Do not denigrate the adherents or believers of any particular religion on Fogbow.

    You may criticize the tenets or beliefs of a religion, or a religious organization, but please be aware that people of faith use Fogbow and it's a sensitive subject. We have a forum for discussing religion, but to see it you'll have to join the usergroup, Religion Discussion (in your User Control Panel, Usergroups tab).

    Don't make blanket statements about believers in any faith, and try to be careful not to bruise feelings if possible. This is *mostly* a forum about the birthers and other fringe groups like the sovereign citizens. We allow discussion on all topics, but think of Fogbow as equivalent to a dinner party and please don't insist on discussing the failings of any one particular religion or another.

If I conclude that you are here trying to annoy the membership or disrupt the discussion, you will be limited to an area of the forum where only some of us can read your posts. If the behavior continues, you will be banned. This is a forum primarily about politics. Political debates can, at times, get heated and emotional. If you do not have a thick skin and can't handle spirited debate without resorting to childish behavior and attacks, you will not last very long here.

I reserve the right to modify these rules if I feel they are being abused or evaded. Please keep the conversations civil and within reason and the forum will be pleasant for everyone.

 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:57 am 
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Joined: Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:53 pm
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Occupation: Dick Tater & Lord High Muckety-Muck
Cross-posted from another thread, so as to provide further guidance:

TollandRCR wrote:
Did I misunderstand the rulz for a newbie posting on TFB? I had thought that there were no one-hit wonders.

I used the term "one-hit wonder" like people talk about rock bands. What it meant was, I doubt that rolankie will ever log in to Fogbow again. One-hit wonders put up one post and disappear forever. We have 73 members with just one post each.

I had thought that the first couple of posts had to be approved by a moderator.

Three, actually. So even if he does come back, we may not approve his next two posts.

This was rolankie's first visible post and was an obviously inappropriate question -- prime spam. It made no sense to permit to appear on the board, IMHO.

The last two sentences of the post seemed to say what I changed the title to read -- that Obama is the only one who can tell us what his religion is.

I try to be lenient. I'm trying not to be a hard line censoring mofo. I already put a guy in FEMA Camp 7½ yesterday.

listeme wrote:
Reality Check wrote:
I was surprised a new member could start a thread.
Makes it easier to move the whole thing if it gets out of hand :)

Yep. Otherwise somebody could maybe sneak a spam message into any thread, and I'm not moving perfectly good threads into a limited-audience area of the board because somebody put a turd in the punchbowl, so to speak. It takes about 5 seconds to move a thread.

Most noobs are our kind of people. I want them to start new threads, if they have a hankerin' to. If a troll/birfer starts a new thread, zot.

Somerset wrote:
I got the impression that WD found his other posts at forums other than The Fogbow.

That's exactly right. Welshie did the work. That's why I thanked him. Did I mention I've had the flu since New Year's Eve? Over now, but I wasn't too energetic yesterday.

raicha wrote:
Think of us as a morning-after pill, not a condom.

Yep, except I've heard that some people consider becoming pregnant to be slightly more important than if the group here has to read an offensive post. It isn't a matter of life or death if we take a day to get around to cleaning up the mess.

kate520 wrote:
I wish there were a way to at least prevent a newb from starting a thread until after their first three posts have been approved. :-

I could do that, but see my answer to R.C. above. I could make it so a noob can't have a signature or an avatar. I could make it so a noob can't post images or use BBCodes. I could significantly confuse and handicap the noobs, and then we'd never get any great new members.

I'm drinkin' TNT! I'm smokin' dynamite!
I hope some screwball start a fight!

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