Most Obama eligibility sites deal in rumor, innuendo, and blog links. This site deals in facts backed up by solid documentation. You can find websites claiming that George H.W. Bush was born in Germany, the son of Nicola Tesla's accountant. Or that the Queen of England is a lizard. Mere presence of such claims on the web doesn't make them credible.

THE REAL question is: Why do a very small group of people choose to ignore real evidence and believe things that aren’t true?

Most people know that President Obama was born in Hawaii. Most people also know that anyone born on US soil is a natural born citizen, regardless of the citizenship of his or her parents. Hawaiian officials have stated that they viewed the original information in their files and that Obama was born in Honolulu and is a natural born citizen. In addition, there's no real evidence that Obama was born anywhere but in Hawaii. 

In 2008, a small group of people began to question then-candidate Obama's background. Some hated that he had overcome Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination. Others questioned whether he was "American" enough, whether he was "black enough" or "too black," and still others didn't like various aspects of his complicated heritage. Whatever their reasons, they began to concoct theories to discredit Candidate Obama. Since their first questions focussed on his Hawaiian birth certificate, the movement was nicknamed "The Birthers" and sometimes The Birfers. That's where The Fogbow comes in. We debunk the Birthers. 

In this section, you'll find the meat of the matter: The theories, the people, and the lies that make up the tiny Republic of Birtherstan -- just like all the other -stans, but without the Muslims.

Come in, get oriented, then come over to The Fogbow Forum. We'll be waiting for you.