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Fogbow: The Birther Debunkers

The Fogbow is your best resource for debunking the lies of the "birther" movement and discussing the birther antics.

The heart of our community is our forum. We follow every aspect of the birther movement and debunk every claim the birthers make. The entire birther movement is a fabric of lies: Lies about the U.S. Constitution, lies about Supreme Court decisions, lies about U.S. law, and of course, lies about the President of the United States and his wife and family.

But the Fogbow isn't just a discussion forum; it's also your compendium and resource guide to all birther debunking information. To visit other debunking sites, use our blogroll on the right side of this page. To see why everything the birthers claim is false, check "Birther claims debunked" (link at the top of the page). To learn about the history of the birthers, read the Birther Timeline. We also offer Special Reports on specific issues. The Fogbow is very much a continuing work in progress, and we are doing our best to update it with current information. There is also a lot of good information at the Birther Debunkers Wiki, and don't miss Dr. Conspiracy's Debunker’s Guide to Obama Conspiracy Theories.

At all times, a few birther lawsuits are still pending or on appeal. To see the full list of birther cases, see the Birther Case Scorecard.

There were 13 states where state legislators have attempted, without success, to pass birther legislation intended to prevent President Obama from appearing on the ballot in the 2012 election. For full details and the status of all these proposed laws, see our Special Feature, Birther Legislation Update.

When something happens in the tiny Republic of Birtherstan (just like all the other '-stans', but without the Muslins), we know about it instantly. To learn about upcoming dates, see the Birther Calendar. And be sure to check out our RSS feeds, our other great bloggers, and Reality Check's great radio show (link on the sidebar). 

Nobody has more or better debunking information than the boogle at the Fogbow. We rule, and birthers drool. 

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